Friday, May 03, 2013

Homegrown Management System - Part1

As my subscribers already know in 2006 I launched my own management system for my agency.  Two years prior to that I set out to upgrade our system we were using, Doris.  Doris was nice and simple but we wanted some campaigning features and some deeper policy features.  On my journey I tried all the top management systems: AMS, Applied TAM, Ebix and Nexsure.  They were all frought with high setup costs but had those advanced features we craved.  We were at a crossroads.  I knew each system had a strong point and there was no clear frontrunner amongst our trusted peers usage.  We knew it would be an investment regardless of our final decision.  It was then that we made an unlikely and risky move.  We set out to design our own system. During this time period Applied aquired Doris and changed the price-point which made our launch an easy decision. 

With almost a decade of real-world success I look back on that desicion with zero regret.  In the coming weeks I will write about our experiences, the triumphs and the failures alike.  Where we started and where we are going. 

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This should be interesting.