Monday, July 02, 2007


Ive been digging in to this investor meeting progressive held in mid June. Very interesting stuff for an insurance nerd like me. The key topics in this two and a half hour presentation were:

  • Success of concierge claim service
  • "usage based" insurance model
  • confusion on why Drive didnt work
  • RE-Branding (bring back the Ford Explorer)
I want to share a few slides on this that were very interesting to me, then in the coming days Ill delve into the aforementioned topics!

Customer Perception. This is no surprise to me as far as Progressive is concerned. What does surprise me are the underachievers on this list. Allstate - I guess the dude from 24 didnt cut it in your clients eyes. Im pretty sure ballpark ranking (you know the tool your using to make asking for quote data harder for us agents...) isnt going to help your slump. All you other slackers Cmon! Suck it up!

Progressive holding strong but heres comes the competition. I wish I could see a graph from a year ago here. Also "ultra kudos" to Nationwide for comin up from the depths.

Did anyone notice that these are all Directs and Captives ???

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